Friday, June 29, 2012

Kasabian aren't lads, you know

Serge Pizzorno opens his heart to Metro, the poor misunderstood lamb:

What are peoples’ misconceptions of you?
That we’re boozy knob head lad-rock dicks – but when we release albums such as West Ryder, people are surprised. It’s always made us laugh. Those first few articles people write about you stay with your forever. It’s annoying but it’s good to surprise people. Some journalists just rehash all that stuff even if it’s not the truth.
Yeah, come on, journalists - stop giving the impression of Kasabian as being leery, beery lads. It's ages in the past that they were like that - why, it's nearly two whole months since they went on Absolute Radio at breakfast time and honked about buying porn magazines and wanking.

Another delight of the piece is the discovery that Kasabian still nurse a grudge against the now-defunct Cooper Temple Cause:
Playing with the Cooper Temple Clause in Wrexham when we first started. The gig was fine but they were miserable b******s. We were a young band and they’d had singles out – they treated us like s***. I remember thinking: ‘I’m not turning out like those f***ers.’ Musicians should try to help each other out. The ones who are too cool for that soon disappear but there are some who slip through the net and annoy you forever.
It doesn't seem to have even flitted through Serge's mind that, quite possibly, the CTC didn't warm to Kasabian turning up, Razzles under their arms, and that might have been why they didn't embrace them. And, frankly, who could blame them?