Sunday, June 10, 2012

NME casts Katy Perry as Mary Austin

To be fair to the NME, they do at least put a question mark at the end of the headline, but even so:

Katy Perry to play Freddie Mercury's girlfriend in new film?
The strongest thing you could say is that Perry is campaigning for the job:
A source has said that Perry is interested in the role of Mercury's girlfriend, Mary Austin, commenting: "Katy would love to be in the film as she is such a huge fan. She would want to play Mary Austin ideally. Katy has a similar look to Mary and would be a brilliant foil to Sacha."
If thta's her pitch - she looks a bit like Austin and would be a "foil" to Sacha Baron Cohen - it sounds like someone might have some more research to do. Or possibly should set her sights a little lower. I hear there's a new Muppet movie being put together.