Wednesday, July 11, 2012

They call me MISTER Grimshaw

When I heard that they were bringing one of the Radio One Specialist music show presenters in for breakfast, I was surprised. A little thrilled. Rob Da Bank? Annie Mac? Mike Davies?

Oh. Nick Grimshaw.

It's not quite the same as the last time they catapulted a presenter from the 10pm to Midnight slot into breakfast - Mark and Lard had been offering Tindersticks and Simon Armitage at night, while Nick Grimshaw's last late night slot offered Kelly Osbourne and one of the Scissor Sisters.

It's one of those choices which seem radical until you think about it for a half-second; Grimshaw seems much more suited to the Rice Krispies end of the day than he ever did after dark - indeed, had Moyles gone when he should have, around 2008, you could imagine Colin Murray being given the job to pretty much the same sort of response.

A safe pair of ears, a fair promotion. Greg James, though, must be wondering what happened.