Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Will I Am in space

The playback of that Will I Am song from Mars was quite a historic moment. Not the playing of a track from another planet so much as the breaking of the official record for Most Awkward Reactions At A Playback Ever:

I guess if you're wanting to avoid getting something overblown and pompous to capture the dignity of a key moment in mankind's journey beyond gravity, Will I Am is your go-to guy. I don't want to imply this was just a generic song that Mr Am had kicking around which he just lobbed a few space references into, but I'm given to understand there was an awkward moment when NASA asked on delivery why the file was called possible_pokeman_movie_theme.mp3.

Altogether, now, people:

I know that Mars might be far/
but baby it ain't really that far
Er... yes.


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