Monday, September 17, 2012

Gordon in the morning: Caught in a frightening Labrinth

Apparently Labrinth is trying to have his mass ITV audience appearance and reject it. Gordon reports that he's upset at being forced to go on The X Factor by Simon Cowell:

He said: “I’ve been forced. A lot of people think I hate X Factor and think it’s s***. I’m just being honest about the way it works. I think artists who take their craft really seriously don’t go on it.”
Really? How principled of you, then, Mr Labrinth, to, erm, sign to a label which is subsidised entirely by the efforts of those shit artists who don't take approach their "craft" "seriously".

One might wonder how you managed to stomach this bilious distaste when you signed to Syco in the first place. Maybe the money helps.