Friday, November 23, 2012

Dub off: David Rodigan quits Kiss

I think David Rodigan was the only surviving member of the original (legal) Kiss FM line-up from 1990; but he's gone now, resigned in protest at the marginalisation of his show and reggae in general on the network:

David Rodigan said he was leaving Kiss FM after 22 years "with great sadness" after being moved to a midnight slot.

He said the change "left me no option but to make a stand for my passion".
Sunday nights at midnight is a pretty grim slot, especially compared with the veritable shop window he occupied before:
The DJ's hour-long Sunday show had previously been broadcast at 23:00 GMT.
Seriously, though, even though it's just another hour later, there comes a point where you have to take a stand against the chiseling away of the slot; a point beyind which too much piss has been taken.

And so another link to Kiss' past vanishes; another flavour out of the mix.