Monday, November 26, 2012

Who wouldn't feel a sense of shame, being involved in the Spands?

Who knew that Martin Kemp has lived his life under a cloud of the thickest, darkest shame?

No, not apparently for the late-period Spandau Ballet output, but for how he joined the band:

Kemp, 51, was recruited for his brother Gary’s band, then called The Gentry, at his mother’s insistence.

But his arrival displaced the existing bassist, a fact Kemp says he still recalls with shame.
I'm not sure you should feel shame at having your mum go down the school and insist you be allowed to play with the other boys; and it's not like the original bassist ever turns up, Pete Best style, playing his own version of Chant Number One and claiming to be the One True Spandau.

And be fair to Martin: what young man wouldn't have killed to have been in this video: