Saturday, January 05, 2013

Gordon in the morning: Slim pickings

Ed Sheeran has been thinking about working with Eminem. He isn't going to. Not yet, anyway:

ED SHEERAN says he doesn’t want to collaborate with legendary US rapper EMINEM – because he’s not ready.
Because this is just a stumpy little piece, and because it's Gordon Smart, there's no context at all for why Sheeran might suddenly be talking about Eminem. To be fair to Ed, it looks more like he's talking about working with any of the Grammy Bunch, and Eminem was just the name he threw in as an example.

Now, let's stop being fair to Ed, shall we? Life's too short, and he says things like this:
The Suffolk lad said: “I’m going to wait until a point when I’m on a level where I can make that call, because I don’t want any leg ups now.
Wasn't all the help he got from Jamie Foxx a massive leg-up? Indeed, isn't nearly any successful music career based almost entirely on the number of leg-ups you get?
“I want to do my thing in my scene, my acoustic world, and then go over to the States.”
But you've already been to the States. Jamie Foxx? Remember?

You've got to love Sheeran's pretence that he's some sort of wandering acoustic minstrel rather than a sub-brand of Warner Music Group.
The A Team singer and Brit winner added: “I want to be able to get up to a stage where it’s not weird to ask someone like Eminem to hop on a tune.”
Asking someone to hop on a tune. He would ask Eminem to hop on a tune. Hop. On a tune.