Wednesday, April 24, 2013

JLS: Coming to ITV2 sometime around 2016

JLS have announced their intention to star in the 2016 season of ITV2's The Big Reunion, and are taking the first step by splitting at the end of their current tour.

There's an official statement on their website:

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Which is a fitting way to say goodbye. Or possibly just a sign that a thousand distraught youngsters are hitting the server at the same time.

Happily, Newsbeat copied down the statement:
In a statement on their official website they thanked their fans.

"We wanted to make sure that you heard it from the four of us, that we have decided to bring our time as a band to an end," the statement said.

"Goodbye; The Greatest Hits Tour will be the last time that we will perform together as a 4 and we want to make sure that this tour is the best ever and that we end on a high! We will always remain brothers and friends and we will always be your boys.

We want to look at this final year as a celebration of all that we have achieved together. We hope you can look back and remember all the great moments that you have been responsible for

"Thanks to all of you guys, your support, your dedication and you have changed our lives forever. We wouldn't be where we are today without you."
The phrase "the last time we perform together as a 4" is both grating in its use of the numeral and puzzling - what does that actually mean? There might a bunch of three- and two-member variants of the group? They're going to draft in Matt Cardle to turn themselves into a five?

It can't be musical differences, so perhaps it's just down to puberty.