Thursday, June 27, 2013

Devobit: Alan Myers

Alan Myers, Devo's "human metronome", has died.

Myers was the third, and perhaps most supreme, of Devo's drummers, joining in time for Jocko Homo and bailing before the band soundtracked that Toni Basil horror movie, Slaughterhouse Rock. His departure came as the band started to embrace more and more technology in their act; the decision to pre-program a lot of the percussion into a Fairlight was point where he decided enough was enough.

After Devo, he played with various acts in Los Angeles, including regular slots for his Skyline Electric band in galleries around the city.

Talking to Reuters in 2010, Myers said he felt out of the loop from the on-going versions of Devo, and wasn't interested in returing.

Alan Myers died from brain cancer on June 24th. He was 58.