Monday, July 01, 2013

Glastonbury 2013: Suzanne Moore goes to Pilton

There's a "ooh, I've gone to Glastonbury I could have stayed at home IN MY GARDEN" bit from Suzanne Moore in today's Guardian.

The tale of hardship...:

What I couldn't get to grips with was the rubbish. Cans are strewn through every field. Lager carnage. Meanwhile there are the banners for Greenpeace and WaterAid everywhere. I imagine the average Ayia Napa crowd is more environmentally aware.
... is a little bit undermined:
Thanks to Yurtel for Suzanne's accommodation.
Yes, she was staying in the luxury area. They even fetch her a television. It's akin to filing a piece from Oxford, but basing your impressions on staying in the Holiday Inn on the by-pass.

Would Suzanne eventually embrace the true festival spirit?
"What about the Stones?" people keep saying when I whinge. "You have to see them." I did. In the 60s.
Arbitrary rank-pulling over having seen a headline band somewhere cooler? Oh, Suzanne, you might rail against the event, but you are so Glastonbury.