Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Gordon in the morning: Corden announces availability

A second dip into the Sun this morning, as Gordon Smart reveals that James Corden is hoping to extend a Mugabe-like grip on the Brit Awards:

JAMES CORDEN has held talks about another year at the helm of the Brits.

This year’s show pulled in the biggest TV ratings in the event’s 30-year history – but in terms of rock’n’roll antics the best description of the night was “beige”.

However, the host with the most has demanded some assurances on the line-up for next year before committing to the gig for a fourth time.
Corden should be in with a chance of keeping his job - when last year's show was met with ill-stifled yawns, James trotted out a defence so corporate I suspect he delivered it via Powerpoint:
“The show is put on and made to showcase British music and sell British music so people buy those albums and that money will go back into record companies to invest in other British artists who will then inspire another generation of musicians.
I suppose it's slightly more appealing than the jokes he tried during the show.