Thursday, July 04, 2013

Gordon in the morning: Remember Madonna?

Gordon has a teaser question:

Chain reaction: Who’s the face behind mask?
POP star courts controversy by wearing religious-style get-up and a sword in mouth
It's going to be Madonna, isn't it?

Yes, of course it is.

Madonna courting controversy by a waving a lazy paw at a religion?

No, no, come back - because this time it isn't linked to a Pepsi ad.

What's she done, Gordon?
The Queen of Pop has upset religious fanatics – again – by dressing up in this Muslim niqab-style chainmail mask.

She posted the snap with the message: “The Revolution of Love is on... Inshallah”.

It’s no doubt a comment on female oppression.
Really? This has upset people? I suppose people are touchy.

Well, Gordon, tell us who's upset.


Who are these "upset religious fanatics?"

It turns out there aren't any, and so Gordon falls back on a "friend" insisting that it's all very edgy:
But a pal of the singer, who also shared a photo of herself biting a sword warned: “Stirring up controversy about Muslim practices is something Madonna knows could be putting her life at risk.”
That sound you can hear? It's Salman Rushdie's eyes opening so wide in disbelief his forehead is at risk of ripping clean off.