Monday, August 05, 2013

Billy Bragg's local struggling London lad actually scion of Nottingham pie dynasty

Turns out that when Billy Bragg was patiently explaining how those mean Undercroft skateboarders were stopping local people from starting their businesses with pop-up shops in the space, his example wasn't quite as local as he thought. Or as much of a start-up:

Supporters of the Long Live South Bank (LLSB) campaign to save the undercroft skatepark at the South Bank Centre (SBC) have asked me to correct an assertion that I made in my Guardian comment piece on Wednesday 31st August. I stated that Luke's Cafe, a pop up venture on the Queen Elizabeth Terrace was run by a 'local lad'. It has since been pointed out to me that Luke is in fact Luke Heartland of Heartland Pies, a Nottinghamshire business that his father owns. It was a mistake on my part, when I spoke to Luke he didn't go into detail about the background of his business and, clearly, I should have.
But hey, at least Luke isn't Starbucks, right? And that's what this is all about. Focusing on Starbucks not, probably, taking space in the Undercroft.

You might think Bragg would be slightly abashed; at least to allow the correction to stand alone for a while.

But, no. Having done the "actually it turns out he's from 100 miles away and not a start-up" confession, Bragg then trots out his arguments all over again. Just in case you might want to process the idea that Bragg was holding out Luke as the sort of person who so badly needs a helping hand that the skateboarders have to give up their area.