Sunday, October 20, 2013

This week just gone

To mark the launch of his book, here's the most popular Morrissey stories. Or at least the ones that his name appears in the headline. Jesus, who would have time to go further than that?

1. Morrissey "not racist", says Morrissey [2007]
2. Morrissey sells tshirts promoting Barack Obama [2008]
3. Morrissey meets Tim Jonze; tells him "in England you have no idea where you are" [2007]
4. Liveblog: Morrissey on The One Show [2009]
5. David Letterman ruins Morrissey's throat [2007]
6. Morrissey uses Poly Styrene's death as excuse for dreadful interview [2011]
7. Morrissey fans call for Letterman boycott over spare ribs joke [2007]
8. Morrissey cancels dates [2009]
9. Smiths reunite. Without Morrissey [2005]
10. Morrissey takes on a TV chef [2006]
11. Morrissey collapses on stage in Swindon [2009]
12. Morrissey compares Norwegian killing spree with McDonalds menu [2011]
13. Morrissey shares his views during the London riots [2011]
14. Morrissey turns up to help The Boyfriends' career [2006]
15. Morrissey says sorry… to the Arctic Monkeys [2006]
16. Support band makes small joke at Morrissey's expense; kicked off the tour [2007]
17. Huntingdon Life Sciences respond to Morrissey [2006]
18. Morrissey announces plans to sue the NME [2007]
19. Marr says he's too busy with other emails to talk to Morrissey [2009]
20. Morrissey describes the Chinese as a "subspecies" [2010]

These were the interesting releases:

Kitchens Of Distinction - Folly

Download Folly

Tindersticks - Across Six Leap Years

Download Across Six Years

Cults - Static

Download Static

Four Tet - Beautiful Rewind

Download Beautiful Rewind

Polvo - Siberia

Gary Numan - Splinter

Depeche Mode - Should Be Higher

Download Should Be Higher