Sunday, December 01, 2013

This week just gone

The most-read November stories:

1. Ian Watkins changes his plea to guilty
2. James Arthur returns to Twitter to defend his homophobic asshattery
3. Simon LeBon worries about filth being flung at pop kids
4. BPI, RIAA ignore licence terms on software
5. Video: Tori Amos - Jackie's Strength
6. Tony Hall has big plans for Radio One
7. Britney Spears has come to save music
8. James Arthur: It's not homophobic if you're talking to a straight guy
9. Buy an indie compilation; help the homeless; see a picture of Grant Shapps in a sleeping bag
10. JFK-related pop music special

This week's releases sound kinda interesting:

Shearwater - Fellow Travelers

Download Fellow Travelers

Brendan Benson - You Were Right

Download You Were Right

Darkside by Tom Stoppard

Download Darkside

Various - Love, Poetry and Revolution