Saturday, January 25, 2014

Justin Bieber proclaims... something

There might be better way to proclaim your innocence:

"What more can they say," wrote the recently troubled pop star along with a split image of himself and the King of Pop; one half of the image shows Bieber sitting on top of a SUV after leaving police custody, while the other side shows Jackson standing on top of a vehicle in Santa Monica, waving to fans after his infamous "not guilty" plea to charges of child molestation.
I'm not sure if I'd been filmed driving car way too fast, I'd decide the best way to comeback is by comparing myself with someone who never shifted the taint of behaving oddly with kids. But, hey, Justin, whatever works.

What's more interesting is that Rolling Stone still refer to Jackson as "the King Of Pop", despite that being a nickname he chose for himself and one that - by the time he died - should have been more honestly downgraded to perhaps an Earldom.