Saturday, February 08, 2014

Panic! At the venue

Panic At The Disco had to cut short their Atlanta gig last night, when the venue's floor started to collapse. 11Alive have the story:

According to reports from people who were called to pick others up there, "the floor cracked."

The concert was stopped and concert promoters asked everyone to quickly leave the venue. The evacuation was orderly, and no injuries were reported.

Afterward, Panic at the Disco lead singer Brendon Urie tweeted, "Damn. That was crazy. Glad everyone's ok, even though it still sucks we can't play. We'll see your beautiful faces in the summer."
Meanwhile, someone snitty got quickly to the Tabernacle's Wikipedia page:
During the Panic! At the Disco concert after the second song the building was evacuated due to possible cracking in the floor. People who hailed mostly from the outer boroughs expressed dismay that such a terrible thing could have happened to them, meaning they were slightly discomfited, and expressed no remorse for damaging the structure of a 116 year old building. Many Atlantans offered to drive them back to their far flung homes for free just to remove their potential threat to downtown buildings.