Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Won't someone please think of George Michael?

Hundreds of homes. Thousands of people. Numerous businesses. Wildlife across the country.

All these have been affected by flooding, but the wet winter has just got serious.

It's targeting George Michael:

Now, the rising River Thames has almost destroyed the country manor of pop star George Michael.

Floodwater can be seen surrounding the detached property - lapping against its front door and garden wall.

However, it is yet to flow over the wall surrounding the manor in Goring-on-Thames, Oxfordshire - with sandbags also positioned outside the property.

Today, a woman - believed to be one of George's sisters - could be seen standing at one of the manor's windows.
Yes, well done, the Daily Mail - the nation is disappearing under water, but it's still sending out people to peek through celebrity windows. That's the plucky Brit spirit, carrying on being arseholes in the face of adversity, right there.

A UKIP spokesman - obviously a spokesman - nodded sagely and said "well, he's one of them, isn't he? It's obvious that his property would flood. It's in the Bible."