Sunday, March 23, 2014

Armenia enter homophobic, transphobic tosspot into Eurovision

Aram MP3, who is going to represent Armenia in this year's Eurovision, turns out to be a bit of an asshat. Especially when asked about Austria's Conchita Wurst. Unzipped has been following the depressing story:

On 20th March, during press conference with local reporters, similar remarks repeated again.

Reporters also asked about his opinion of Austrian representative Conchita Wurst. Aram MP3 confessed smiling: ‘it will be difficult’.

“I just realised that, after all, we will be on the same stage, because as part of the Eurovision all participants perform one song together. If you want to know my position, when I pass next to Kom aygi [Unzipped: cruising park in downtown Yerevan frequented by gay men and particularly trans sex workers], I speed up my car. In this case [re Conchita], I will try to somehow put up with.”
After the 'hold on what' reaction to this, Aram said he was only saying these things to "make journalists laugh". (Because, you know, homophobia is fine if you're only doing it for a punchline.)

Artmika at Unzipped, noting how Aram MP3 is bookie's favourite, sees the irony:
I will not be voting for Aram MP3, because I simply cannot vote for someone with such views. You decide yourself. But if he wins, I will be only happy to see "gay parade" Eurovision coming to Armenia, although it would be ironic that a person with such questionable views would make this happened.
Aram has also suggested that "we will help her to eventually decide whether she is a woman or man". Which sounds threatening on top of being transphobic.