Saturday, May 03, 2014

Eurovision 2014: Brotherhood of Man choose Selsey over Copenhagen

As part of this year's Eurovision Song Contest, there's some sort of massive revival event taking place in Copenhagen on the night of the finals. Brotherhood Of Man were invited, but the money's better for them to play a holiday camp in Selsey ("they've chosen to play a date in Sussex instead".)

Adrian Douthwaite, head of entertainment at the park, said: “It’s a real coup for Bunn Leisure to boast two of the biggest Eurovision bands of all time on the big party night – there’s no better place than here to enjoy it.

“It’s so exciting that Brotherhood of Man has decided to be at Bunn Leisure, especially on the night of the actual final itself.”
Yes, because there's only one place Eurovision fans will be on the night of the Eurovision Song Contest finals, isn't there?

(Hint: I suspect not at Bunn Leisure.)

Bucks Fizz are playing the same event, which suggests they might not even have been asked to Copenhagen.