Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Frank Turner now only a pony short of a show

Who would you call upon to judge a dog show?

Yeah, not sure I'd have gone with Frank Turner, either, but an event in Winchester thought he fitted the bill.

Is he a passionate dog owner or something?

“I love dogs but because of my job I can’t have one. I would like to spend all day with them,” he said.
I don't think any of us would mind very much if Frank decided to quit the day job and spend all day with dogs instead. In fact, I think everyone involved would see that as some sort of a result.

There is a serious element to this, though - the site of the show, North Walls Rec Ground in Winchester, is under threat. The Tory council wants to build a leisure centre on the green space - cunningly, removing a free, outdoor sports facility in exchange for an indoor one that you pay to use.

Find out more about the campaign to save North Walls.