Friday, June 13, 2014

Kasabian defenders even more lumpen than Kasabian themselves

Billy Bragg - in common with (checking list) Most People Ever - doesn't have much time for Kasabian. He took time out of his busy schedule to chuckle aloud:

He explained: "They have an import role to play. They are there to remind us how true Spinal Tap was. I'm not a fan, but if you read their interviews as if it was dialogue from Spinal Tap, it's very entertaining. Especially the stuff Sergio Pizzorno says, he's Nigel Tufnel. Particularly with the album title, '48:13.'

"I'm guessing that's how long the record is. Someone sent them a CD that just said 'Kasabian', and they didn't know what else to put on it, 'cos they hadn't bothered to think up any fucking titles, so they just put the time on and Serge said, 'that is fucking genius.'"
Oh, if only Bill knew that they started with the length and worked their way backwards from there.

Still, not everyone was going to take that lying down. The Drummer From The Raptors took to Facebook to defend Kasabian against this assault:
Writing on Facebook, Luke asked: "Why are you such a cunt?"
I'll say this for Kasabian fans, they have a love of language and a deftness of touch you don't often see since the Algonquin Round Table stopped meeting.