Sunday, June 29, 2014

This week just gone

The most popular stories from June were:

1. Radio One has mass cull of specialist DJs
2. Rik Mayall: Man of music
3. Jack White is too witty for most people
4. The charts become a streaming pile
5. J-Lo elects to not go to the world cup
6. Glastonbury busy not having opinions on bear hunting, anything much
7. BBC launches music awards that sound a bit like the British Rock And Pop Awards
8. The annual BBC Glasto headcount outrage
9. BBC pick famous Brazilian Stevie Wonder for theme tune to World Cup Of Football
10. Video: Kristeen Young (the support act who TRIED TO KILL MORRISSEY WITH GERMS)

These were the new releases from the week before last, because last week I was in a forest:

Klaxons - Love Frequency

Download Love Frequency

Marc Almond - The Dancing Marquis

Download The Dancing Marquis

Alice Zawadzki - China Lane

Download China Lane