Thursday, August 07, 2014

Jessie J heads off to crack America, apparently

Can it really be true that Jessie J is leaving, as the Daily Star says?

Jessie J moving to the U.S.
Pop star JESSIE J is moving to the U.S. in a bid to crack the American music industry.
The headline is pretty clear. Sounds like she's already deep in conversations about baseboard heating with Remax realtors, right?
She tells KISS FM's Breakfast Show, "I'm kind of 50/50 there and within the next kind of 18 months I'm gonna basically get a place in L.A. or New York. Yeah. Flying in east."
So that's less 'is moving to the US', more 'might at some point in 2016 buy a small flat but haven't even given any thought about which coast it might be near'.

Not so much with the "now or never", then.

We have a while to wait before we need to put together comfort packs of marmite and PG Tips.