Thursday, September 18, 2014

Conor Maynard gets a glimpse of the future

Conor Maynard is one of the "stars" doing that Channel 4 "Stars At Your Service" thing. They've made the poor guy go and work at a chip shop, which, given he's still described as a YouTube sensation is a bit like being made to confront your older self.

Saffron Stevens, 17, of Sneinton, said it was “crazy” to see a celebrity with 17 million Youtube hits turn up to batter and flog cod.
Yes, it's absolutely ridiculous that he's selling cod, which is a species under threat, he should be serving pollock or something a bit more responsible.

Oh, you think it's odd that he's doing that job with his 17 million YouTube hits. You know who else has 17 million YouTube hits?

These guys. Admittedly, it'd be surprising if box kitten turned up to work in a chip shop, but not because of the number of YouTube views.

Still, the people of Sneinton know what the real story is here:
Jodie Jarecki, 16, who also lives nearby, said she was excited to see her neighbourhood on the TV.

“I’m glad he came here because it’s the best chip shop in the area. given he’s a celebrity he had to come to a the premier chip shop around here.”

“I’m just here for the chips,” said friend Aaliyah Raffell.
They seem convinced the celebrity is the chips, and the task that's been set the chips is working with this guy off the internet.

I don't think they're wrong.