Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Jeremih Fuddruckers fracas

Billings Police are trying to bring Jeremih to justice, after his entourage were involved in a scrap at a Fuddruckers.

Fuddruckers. What is wrong with celebrities today? What happened to keeping your fights to a Waffle House car park?

Restaurant staff reported that members of the group ordered food and then hassled a young female employee. When the manager addressed the group and asked them calm down and move, members accused him of being racist and one of the men grabbed a microphone used to order food and spoke into it, Billings Police Dept. Chief Rich St. John said in early November.
Jeremih has said that the "incident" should never have happened and suggested that it was because of racism. You'd think he'd want his day in court.

Oh, and the concert he was in town to do? Managed three songs before disappearing, leaving the promoter struggling to repay the audience.