Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Dears off the Deers; Deers resigned; now Hinds

Canadian band The Dears have been sending legal threats to Spanish band The Deers. Apparently it's not on to have a homonymic name.

The Deers have, therefore, become Hinds:

this is sadly the most official post we've ever made: we have to change our name.
we mean... they forced us to. we received an email from a canadian lawyer saying that our name created confusion with his band's name. and that name is not even deers (LOL). We tried our best, really, but we have no choice. so..
deers are now...HINDS!! (charannn!!)
And we are still the same people, we are even the same animal!! UNBELIEVABLE! !!
We don't usually ask you guys for anything but PLEASE you'd really make this easier for us if you could share this amazing info.
sorry and thank you, HINDS 8)
PS: pppppfff... we screwed it up with the FB page two weeks ago.. sorry for the confusion haha
see you on tour ☮!!
We like The Dears - but, frankly, sending legal letters to try and protect a name which is just a single dictionary word? There's a new rule of band naming, guys, and it's 'if it would make a bad password, it's going to be a lousy band name'.


Eddie C said...

That's good news for me then, because I've just formed a band called Password1

Frankosonic said...

Yeah come on - if you can't easily google yourself then it's a bad band name. Prolapse have just reformed. Spot the band that named themselves pre-google...

James said...

My favourite Band Names Which Were Probably Thought of Before SEO Was a Thing;
1) A
3) One Weird Trick and the Singles in Your Area

(Alright, I might've made one of those up)

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