Monday, June 15, 2015

I owe it all to Amy - what, exactly?

It's true, but probably both more true and less than it seems:

Amy Winehouse's pop star goddaughter Dionne Bromfield says she owes much of her success to the tragic songstress.
You might want to quibble with word success - admittedly, Bromfield has a BAFTA under her belt, for the CBBC series she co-presented, but beyond that... even with a guest spot on Strictly, her biggest hit to date stalled at 43; her last album sank without trace.

But you can't argue that the Winehouse connection has helped her enormously - indeed, that six years in to her career articles about her still start by referencing her late godparent, and that many of the pieces about her focus exclusively on that relationship, it could be the only thing keeping her afloat.

Which is a shame - who knows how Bromfield's musical career would have played out had it been allowed to breathe rather than carrying the weight of the departed Amy?