Monday, December 28, 2015

15 Step: September

Bruce Dickinson is like from the 1930s and probably bellows 'Hallloooo?' into the phone.

"They'll kill that Jeremy Corbyn" reckons Mozzer. Funnily enough, Corbyn's about the only person who escapes the wrath of Grace Jones.

Sony had toyed with buying Bittorrent and the BPI wanted more money from the BBC.

Eddy Temple Morris decided not stand around for the Radio X launch and David Cassidy won't be coming back unless we give him a lot more money. He should try being Ed Sheeran - he's fucking loaded.

Doing good things in Baltimore: Thomas Dolby. Not going to Australia: Chris Brown.

Stevie Wonder isn't going bald.

You know, Emily Ratajkowski still can't see what all the fuss about Blurred Lines was about. Speedy Ortiz knows a creep when they see one, and told them to stay away.

Launching: the free so-called NME

Retiring: Kenny Rogers

Hoping for a second return: Robbie Williams

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