Saturday, April 16, 2016

Rock sick list: Prince

Prince had to get his private jet to make an unscheduled stopover in Illinois after he felt ill onboard.

He'd apparently been ill before getting on the plane, which kind of makes me feel glad he flies on private jets and doesn't wind up disrupting lots of people.

It's exciting for the people of Moline - the airport where he touched down - as it's the most exciting thing to have happened there for... well, possibly forever. It used to have a slogan "Joined together, as the boroughs of New York City", and when your region's motto references a more exciting place elsewhere, you know you're in a quiet town. ("Tamworth - where people bleed, just like they do in London"; that sort of thing.

Sadly, though, the local hospital wasn't planning on becoming a sideshow:

The TMZ report said a private plane carrying Prince landed at Quad-City International Airport in Moline early Friday, and the performer was taken to a hospital.

But Blake Long, marketing manager for UnityPoint Health's Illinois region, would not confirm that late Friday afternoon.

"Prince is not currently listed as a patient," Long said, adding the hospital system had no other comment.
You have to respect a place where the marketing manager for a hospital, handed his biggest opportunity, declines to get involved.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported Friday night that two sources close to Prince told the paper that he was at home in Chanhassen, Minn., on Friday evening. One said he had been suffering from “bad dehydration” but that “all’s good.”
Well, which is it? Is everything good, or is the dehydration bad? Which is it?


Anonymous said...

The marketing manager can't say anything because if the laws around protected health information and HIPAA. If Prince gave them permission, that's a whole different thing. Based on the hospital's response, I'd say no permission was given. Even if Prince was at the hospital, they would have to deny it if asked.

I say this as someone who has to go through annual training in protecting PHI.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, we now have the answer to that question.

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