Sunday, June 05, 2016

This week just gone

The most-read May stories:

1. Eurovision: Liveblog
2. Russia don't like the Eurovision result
3. Eurovision: Tumblr speaks
4. Azeailia Banks isn't that nice
5. Why did Yacht think anyone would be interested in a sex tape?
6. NME misunderstands Eurovision half time
7. Banks tries a half apology
8. Beyonce has upset the police
9. Robbie Williams gets a dubious gig
10. Cilla Black was Dionne Warwick's Moriarty

Last week and interesting:

Kate Jackson - British Road Movies

Download British Road Movies

Marissa Nadler - Strangers

Download Strangers

Melanie De Biasio - Blackened Cities

Christy Moore - Lily

Download Lily