Sunday, April 07, 2002

AND THE OTHER ONE... This mildly amused me, and probably only me, but turning over a large pile of papers yesterday I found a page torn from the much-missed Shout, Liverpool John Moores University's student magazine until they merged with the University's title to produce Liverpool Stupid. Um, Liverpool Student. (Actually, while I'm veering off the subject, why on earth did they take the design and format from the Gazette and the journalism from Shout, when Shout looked good enough to buy but was written so poorly it once managed to libel landlords whose gas fires had killed someone; while the Gazette made the Morning Star look like an international fashion magazine but was actually quite well-written? But anyway, where was I? Oh, yes...)
This piece had the results of a competition, and provided the answer to the question "Name the members of Take That." Guess who they missed out? Yup, Mr. Williams.
Apparently, Robbie has joined the Sunday Times Rich List this year - that long, inaccurate list of people who are considerably richer than you they produce every year. ("It says here the Queen has a lot of money.") Which is in a way kind of depressing, don't you think? If Gary Barlow had lots of money, you'd know he at least would be spending it well. But Williams? How many cookie jars that make farting noises can he possibly want? What will he do with that cash? It should be taken off him for his own good. And I'm volunteering...

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