Monday, April 08, 2002

GETS ALL HER FACTS FROM THE LATEST SMASH HITS: Following Emma Jones' decision to take a job more in keeping with her talent (and that should be read icily, by the way) the search is on for someone to take over the chair. Obviously, the days are long gone when this was the best job for an inventive, agile mind, but it's curious that EMAP are having to advertise the post in today's media guardian - is there really such a shallow pool of talent in the company they can't promote from within? Ominously, while acknowledging that the ideal candidate will "love pop", the advert requests that "you know teenagers from their Nokias down to their Nikes." Of course it is a "consumer magazine", but all the while the title is treated as an advert delivery method, it's never going to regain its spark.
If you fancy a go at running Ver Hits, send a CV, 200 word critique of where the magazine is now, and 500 words of plans to Closing date April 15th.
If you'd prefer something a little less career-making, and a little more fun, Kerrang are running a competiton whose winner gets to interview Shirley Manson and the, um, rest of Garbage. The details are here, but you'll have to be quick. Our five questions would be:
No, really, what do you think you're doing with the hair?
What would it take to get Garbage to cover Goodbye Mr McKenzie's 'The Rattler'?
If you hate doing interviews so much, why on earth are you subjecting yourself to this one?
Butch, was that an ironic nickname?
Shirley, was all that stuff about you being mates with Jenna Elfman that embarassed you in the NME interview the band's coded way of hinting that you're dabbling with Scientology?
No, I don't think I'll win, either...

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