Monday, April 08, 2002

HE DOES HAVE A POINT: This, from Marc "thirty six different sorts, apparently" Almond's mouth by way of Ananova:
Marc Almond thinks the public should not have to put up with the Pop Idol losers releasing records.
He believes Will Young should be the only pop star to emerge from the series.
The Soft Cell star says the other finalists can get lost.
He said: "It's very easy to be famous nowadays, but it's also a lot easier to disposed of.
"Why do we have to put up with the Pop Idol losers and runners-up releasing records? It's all very Saturday night karaoke. There's room for Will Young because he won the competition, but the rest can f**k off.

It does make the long, rambling series to find just one Pop Idol a bit redundant now that they're all releasing products - it's rather like at the end of WWTBAM? Chris Tarrant leaning over and saying "You had £16,000. You've now got £1,000. But here, we'll give you a million anyway." At the very least, the losers could be made to have the word "LOSER" tatooed across their forehead.
That Will looks horrible, doesn't he? I mean, really does come across like the sort of little shit in an office who'd suck up to the boss, and would be the one who volunteers for doing the writing on the big flip chart. Horrid, horrid lips. He simpers.

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