Sunday, April 07, 2002

QUIET CONTEMPT: More on that B&S backwash, then. As if to demonstrate how out of favour the band are now, there's a review of them in The Guardian this weekend in which Alexis Petridis seems desperate to avoid being caught doing anything as unfashionable as actually liking them. The main gripes seem to be "too quiet" (well, yes) and that, by directing the whole of the gig to the diehard fans at the front (and applauding microphone stand adjustments really is some sort of new low in sycophancy, I guess), the band are, um, showing contempt for their audience. I'm not so sure; usually I find myself nodding quietly along to AP's reviews, and I certainly wouldn't be as foolhardy as to attempt to argue that B&S's tweeness doesn't sometimes get cloying, but how could you hear them cover Another girl, another planet and not feel you've had a good night?
The review in full(minating) - I'd say hats off to a band who actually have a "We have enough fans; we're not hiring right now" attitude

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