Tuesday, April 23, 2002

WE NAME THE SPAM BANDS. AGAIN AND AGAIN. Joining our parade of bands who - rather than letting their music speak for themselves - choose to follow a Pyramid Sales handbook are Uptown Sinclair. I don't think I've been on a single list where, sooner or later, someone posts a pretend note from a "fan" of the "check out Uptown Sinclair" nature. I don't know if they're shite, but the fact they seem to have been spamming the web since Tim Berners-Lee was in short trousers, and I've never heard their name mentioned outside of self-promotion nonesense, I'm guessing they are.
Also, say hello to Exit. Yesterday there was a flurry of spam about a Catatonia book, which we happily turned a blind eye to because it was for charity. Today, the same person has turned to plugging a group called Exit from Wales (Richey Manic used to use the Severn Bridge to make his exit from Wales, we understand). This claimed that they were getting a lot of attention. Not having heard of them, I asked (on the Glamour Twins list, though I had a choice) who from? There was a reply, which was vaguely reminiscent of Graham Lister's claims to know "architects and doctors" - viz. "virtually everyone who has seen them which includes established pop/rock artists and people who work in music in technical and management capacities." Not, you'll notice, managers, or indeed, any names. I wish Exit well, if only that they might start to take paid for adverts and not waste everyone's bandwidth.

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