Tuesday, April 23, 2002

LUCINDA AT THE FILLMORE: Another dispatch from bsn's American lady at a gig, Becky Bamboo, who went to see Lucinda Williams play this weekend:
so then lucinda comes out, decked out in tight black leather pants, red/orange tank top, and black leather jacket, looking every inch the rock star. man, she's got the greatest voice. there's so much personality to it. the band was tight and rockin'. I didn't dig the guitar solos all that much, but then they've never really been my thing. if there's ever a singer who needed to be holding something while they're singing that's lucinda. without her guitar, she seemed a little lost. her hands kept moving into position as if she was forming chords. and lord, that woman CAN NOT dance to save her life. she's even worse than I am.
luckily she played during most of the songs. she played for a solid 2 hours (including encore). I'm not terribly familiar with her back catalogue so I can't tell you the ratio of old to new stuff, but it all sounded great and the audience was totally into it. one song - it was funny - they got about a minute into it when she stopped the band and apologized. she said that note she'd hit was awful and they were archiving the show so she wanted to start over. I don't remember seeing a band do that before. they closed the evening with a howlin' wolf song that showcased some more guitar solos. Sigh.

Lucinda Williams Village of the Band entry - when we say single shot, we mean it...

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