Tuesday, April 23, 2002

YOU HAUL GEAR - YOU PAY THEM FOR THE "HONOUR": It's all for charity, of course, but we can't help wondering at some of the items on offer at Ebay Canada and the Canadian Music Therapy Trust Fund's Swag 2002 auction - for example, you can pay to be Nickelback's roadies - which, short of signing up for a holiday cleaning out U2's latrines seems to be the worst deal on offer anywhere to us. You can also get to shoot pool with Treble Charger (presumably a Canadian band, and as such, something you could probably do by wandering into an Ontario bar and putting twenty cents down on the table.) But there are some nice bits on offer - if you're that way inclined, there'll probably be Nelly Furtardo sweat on the wrist band, if not on the tshirt. And nice to see :Lenny Kravitz putting his guitar on sale - there's every chance he might have another one, but we can hope, can't we?
Catalogue of stuff up for grabs - you, too, could try walking a mile in Craig David's shoes

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