Monday, May 13, 2002

ALL GIRLS ARE GROUPIES: Well, perhaps - we stumbled across a piece about women's reasons for going to gigs which started out as a ho-hum 'Don't assume that just because I go to gigsI want to fuck the musicians" piece suddenly admits, well, yes, going to a gig in the hope of a snog is as good a reason as any. And not just for girls either, of course - unless you're a Catherine Wheel fan, surely there are very few people who'd be able to turn down the chance to lick the balls of their favourite guitarist, or be straddled by the drummer in their favourite band while she makes you scream "Treat me like a bass-player", are there? All music is, in the end, about fucking. Yes, even Nelly Furtado.
All Girls Are Groupies - this might be number one in a new series of Music-based think pieces we single out for consideration. On the other hand, we might forget.

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