Monday, May 13, 2002

HA! TAKE THAT SECURITY: So, all that security comes to naught, and the whole Eminem album is already slooshing around on the web; of course, the strenuous attempts the label made to keep the lid on the tracks have pissed off journalists so much that they're joyfully announcing that the cat is out of the bag; naughty Ananova even helpfully providing a link to one of the sites that has proved nothing is impregnable. Of course, the record company might have been better off trying to stop people playing the first single from the album - if anything is going to harm sales, it'll be that record's suggestion that the new stuff is going to be another crackden full of self-pitying substandard self-obsession rather than the better stuff which lil'ole'Marshall is more than capable of when he can be arsed.
A more innovative approach to pre-launch is being demonstrated over at Amazon, who are giving people who cough up in advance for baldy hypocrite Moby's new one access to the whole thing in lovely streaming audio until such time as they're allowed to ship the record off - thereby linking pre-release listening to a sale. Of course, this sort of thing will probably be stamped on now EMI have swallowed Mute. Stamped underfoot, like so many ants.

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