Friday, May 10, 2002

NOW, FOR VIEWERS IN KENT: You might not think of Kent as one of the great musical hotbeds of our times - and perhaps with good reason; naming famous Kentish popstars is a bit like playing Ten Famous Belgians - but there's a hugely charismatic scene beavering away at grass roots and looking to expand. So, we're happy to offer a plug for the Medway and Maidstone Bands um, thingy, which is trying to establish an e-community to support the real life activities. It's always nice to see an area where this is done by the fans and bands themselves rather than by a lavishly funded and poorly conceived "official" central agency (whatever did happen to all that cash that got?) so, if you're in or near Kent, or just want to see what's happening behind the Oast Houses in the Garden of England, pop along. And if you're doing something similar in a different area, drop us a line.

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