Friday, May 10, 2002

WE NAME THE SPAMMING SCUM BANDS: and do so in a cross way. The Yellow Melodies, Vacaciones and El Planeta Amarillo, come on down. Now, fuck right off. HTML spam, which is even worse, although it seems to be down to Elefant records rather than the bands themselves. Hey, Yellow Melodies - if they try and claim part of your royalties have gone in "promotional costs", ask them how much a badly wirtten email costs to put together these days. Also getting an XRRF slap around is Jake Ide, who sent the same email to apparently every music list in the world first of all quoting Hemmingway's belief that there is no music ever written for 3 am in the morning (KLF's 3 am Eternal?) and then claiming to have written stuff that proves him wrong. Since Hemmingway was the sort of bloke who thought that there was dignity in bull fighting, proving him wrong is hardly anything to brag about, is it? And, in this bumper edition of SpamBands, here's the Brilliant Sins, who think that being from Wales but living in LA is enough to make us listen to their "alternative/punk" music. It's not, but I'd love to hear of bands from LA who are now operating in Wrexham.
Got spammed by a band? Forward it to us, and we'll shame 'em - Mariah, we're waiting...

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