Friday, August 30, 2002

BUT HE DOESN'T LIKE TO TALK ABOUT IT: Now, while we're finding the cockles of heart warmed by the story about Marilyn Manson having a sick fan come in to record for his new album, it only goes to underline just how plastic his image actually is. We maintained years ago, after Columbine when he wrote that big, brown-stained 'I'm not really satan you know' piece that the man shouldn't be allowed to step in and out of character as he chooses - either you're the god of headfuck, or you're a pantomime dame, you can't be both. Now, again, here's a man who claims to spread the disabled with cold meats and have his way with them suddenly turning into Princess Di. There's nothing wrong with playing a part - David Bowie made a career out of it - but let's be honest about it. Why do people persist in pretending that he's always being all weird and gothy when he's little more than Krusty The Clown with a Sisters of Mercy CD. Let's stop taking him at painted-face value; lets have a few journalists say "Stop being silly, and remember you're off stage." Let's out Manson for what he is - as tame and dull and straight as the Stereophonics, but with a slightly more theatrical stage presence.

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