Friday, August 30, 2002

THE MUSIC IS GREAT: But when 6Music veers away from music, it gets all lost - Phil Jupitus seems so proud of having tireless self-promoter Victoria 'I made a porno' Coren on the show that it's in the trailers now - fat bloke talking about breasts with young woman - are you sure this isn't Chris Moyles? (Oh, and Victoria, luv, at least one member of virtually every manufactured girl pop band in the UK have made pornos; they just choose not to keep banging on about it); Now Liz Kershaw is interviewing Vanessa Feltz - the hook being, erm, VaFeltz's weight-loss show. So, not only pointless, but not even pointless in a direction that is any way useful or interesting. At least Andrew Collins meets Konnie Huq sounded good on paper.

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