Tuesday, September 03, 2002

ASK THE NASTY MAN TO SAVE THE BUNNY: Now, we here at No Rock have long been vegetarian and generally are happy to throw our support behind animal rights campaigns - if there's a donkey about to be ridden in Spain, or a poor sheep being forced to live near Carla Lane, we're there, with the petitions and candles and the "Hell... No"s. But surely the people at PETA have better things to do with their time that try and get Judas Priest to retitle an album a quarter of a century old from Hell Bent For Leather to Hell Bent for Pleather? But they are, and even sending ver Priest pictures of themselves gimped up in the leather-like cruelty-free gear. You might want to muse on more worthy uses of time and effort; I'm sure you'll come up with quite a few.
See? We're not making this up - we send bands pornographic pictures of ourselves, it's stalking. PETA do it, it's campaigning...
This is more like it - Pink doesn't do fur. Anymore.

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