Tuesday, September 03, 2002

PERPETUAL SHIFTS: Now that the dauphain has been chosen for the Jimmy Young slot, and our man Jeremy Vine is already taking requests for "something from Bend Sinister", the next great job in radio up for grabs is the Breakfast Show on Capital. Chris Tarrant has been doing it since just after radio was invented, and it's reckoned he could be responsible for 25% of the profits for the station, so if they fudge the succession it could spell disaster for Capital - especially at a time when foreign companies (we're using this as a euphemism for Clear Channel) might be allowed to take over British broadcasters. It's hugely unlikely, then, that Mark and Lard will be getting a call soon.
Someone seems to be trying to start a rush for Christian O'Connell, currently doing the Xfm breakfast slot, but perhaps best known to the public at large as being the mysterious, wooden person on the Pete Burns edition of Never Mind The Buzzcocks. To be on a show with Kerry McFadden and still be the worst performer on the night is a special talent indeed. We in Liverpool were rather surprised when he popped up on Xfm, as we'd assumed his disappearance from Juice had been because one of the station's management had tuned in and heard one of his programmes.
Also rumoured to be in with a chance is Dr Fox - who is not a real Doctor; a real Fox; or a real person. The oddly-necked one who drives the Pepsi Chart Show (or the 'Your Name Here' Chart Show) can't be a serious punt, though - he's been around at Capital so long his postion can only be compared to that of Prince Charles; by the time the top job finally becomes available, he's going to be too old for it.
Apparently, Ant and Dec are being lunched. shudders
Meanwhile, the BBC has signed Sara Cox up for three more years, which, at present rates, would mean the loss of three million more listeners.
Danny Baker broadcasts at breakfast too, you know [MediaGuardian] - DLT is hapy to clear his diary

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