Monday, September 23, 2002

THE BAMBOO REVIEW: While we've been off looking at collections of lace bobbins, bsn people have been keeping up their end in the going to music stakes. First (or, last, if you read from the top) is Becky Bamboo at the Wilco movies:
so yesterday was the last day they were showing "I am trying to break your heart" the documentary about Wilco and the making of YHF. I ran over after babysitting and barely made it.
most of the movie concerns the recording process..and, oh, the irony. every time jay bennett said something about the closeness of the band and their collaboration.. every line from their manager about how the album is a classic, the label's gonna love it, it's gonna take them to the next level... it was almost too much. cos, of course, wilco delivers the album and is subsequently dropped. jay is asked to leave the band. there is this uncomfortable scene where they are rehearsing 'jesus, etc' and after a take with both jay and jeff on guitars, jeff tells him that he thinks the two guitar attack is "obsolete" and the next take has jay on piano. ouch.
but then comes, not my feature film debut (that would be honeymoon in vegas), but my second appearance as an extra. I'm in the audience shots of the fillmore show at the end of the movie. every time they'd cut to the audience, I'd spot Yuen (who was standing right in front of me) and then I'd try to find me, but before I could it would cut away. but I know I'm there, right behind her. I'm gonna have to wait till I get the dvd and can use the pause button though.
I loved the shots of jeff with his family - the sequence where he's sitting on the tour bus with one of his sons and the son taps out a drum pattern on his legs and asks his dad to guess which song it is is the most adorable thing I've ever seen. once he guesses it right, it segues into the song being performed. great editing there. I also *loved* that they showed whole songs being performed. I almost clapped after each one.

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