Monday, September 23, 2002

SEE WHAT THAT KITTEN COVER HAS REDUCED DEBS TO?: As if the news that they're trying to pump another hour out of the long-laughter-dried well that is Ab Fab, they've managed to cajole Debbie Harry in for a spot of guilt-by-association. Can the Iggy Pop guest slot on Vicar of Dibley be that far off now?
Actually, probably not, since Robbie Williams is cropping up in what sounds like the best [nb: in case you can't tell, I'm being sarcastic] Anglo-american police sitcom since that one about the bloke from Scotland Yard who was sent to work with an American force - Something of the Yard, was it? Pausing a while only to wonder why a british star has to fly from LA to Hertfordshire to appear in an American show, can we also draw your attention to the "bidding for a part in the new Star Wars movie" bit in the report. We're not totally against the idea, but only if he appears as Jar Jar's bitch.

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