Thursday, September 26, 2002

The labels should worry about file-sharing

Kazaza? The RIAA and the BPI should worry. There's a much bigger threat to their bottom line, and its not the kids swapping a few Linkin Park tracks amongst themselves. It's the new Simply Red album.
Because Simply Red have cut out the record label. Totally. Since they're loaded, they figured they didn't need a label to put up the cash to record their new collection. They bought in the services they needed, chose the people they wanted, and ran the whole show themselves. This is in a totally different league from the likes of Dodgy getting fans to lash in for a new album - the bands of the Simply Red size are the struts on which the record companies build their business; they're the groups whose success the labels are hoping they can recreate when they put out the new material, the ones who supposedly deliver the profits. If they walk away from them, taking their customers with them, then there isn't much future for the big labels at all, is there? If you've got EMI shares, I'd flog them now...

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